99 Health Tips

99 Health Tips

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99 Health Tips

Good effort, at least you’re started, try and make it to the end!

If you get tired reading this, go back to bed, as on average we need to have 8.1 hours of sleep to re-charge our bodies.

People who have less than 6 hours sleep a night have a 70 % higher mortality rate, according to Californian studies. I’m currently studying spending 18 hours in bed, so will hopefully live to a 130.

When sleeping in your own, or someone else’s bed, make sure the mattress is firm enough to support your body weight. With sufficient material, within the mattress that will act as a cushion to allow for the contours of the body to be supported.

Have a glass of water by your bed, and attempt to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. At breakfast mix fruit juices with 50% water, to aid absorption, prevent rapid sugar levels in the blood, and to save money.

Make sure you don’t skip breakfast, unless you get out of bed after 12 o’clock, then go straight for lunch.

Spend time at breakfast to plan out your day, take each day one day at a time, but make the most of them, planning is the key to success.

Smile, laugh be happy, don’t take everything in life to serious, remember its alright to fart, apparently we all do it on average 13 times a day, and that includes ladies.

If you’re going to fart, and you’re in public, cough at the same time to cover up the noise. This is also a good stomach exercise.

Take a good quality multi-vitamin / mineral supplement each morning. A recent survey by the American National Food Council revealed that not one person from 21,500 consumed their optimum RDA of vitamins.

If you feel tired just after eating lunch, (the 2 o’clock slump), you are probably eating too much refined/processed carbohydrates, and your body has become carbohydrate sensitive. Try and eat more complex carbs, and add more protein and fibre to your meals. Oh yeah, don’t forget to drink that water.

Remember every gram of alcohol has 7 calories, so if your aim is to have a flat stomach or lose weight, practice acting drunk or simply cut back on your alcohol intake.

Alcohol is a depressant, if feeling depressed don’t take a drink, try and make yourself laugh, invite your friends round, and watch them get drunk, and fall all over the place.

When managing your weight avoid anything that is not in a measurable quantities.

Remember low fat foods, are often laced with sugar, which also has calories, just look at a low fat yoghurt.

By switching hands whilst eating, you are less coordinated, resulting in calories stuck on your face and clothes.

Line your stomach before you go out on a large drink binge. A cocktail of a pint of milk, and soft fruit, normally works well.

If exercise were a drug, we would all have a bottle in the kitchen cupboard.

Eat a balanced diet, lower in fat, lower in sugar salt and processed foods, eat more fibre and whole food products.

Diets don’t work. Long term health and weight management should include healthy life style changes such as exercise and healthier whole foods.

Throw away your scales. Work on how you look and feel, not what you weigh, aim to lose weight in the form of unhealthy body fat.

When trying to lose fat, aim for a maximum of 1 1/2 pounds a week.

If spot reducing worked, all typists would have skinny fingers.

Crash dieting, over exercising and fasting will slow down your metabolism.

It’s easy to lose weight. Keeping it off, is the hard part, exercise works.

Use common sense and pace yourself so you can talk occasionally when you exercise.

When you exercise, remind yourself, “I’m building a better body to live in”.

The best aerobic exercise is the one you’ll do, the best time to exercise is when you will do it.

Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions for at least 30 minutes of aerobic training, remember even sex can be a workout.

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, ask yourself how you feel, after working out.

Exercise for the older age group, helps to keep you young, by maintaining muscle tissue and bone density, the older you are, the more important it is that you exercise.

Upper body weight training will help you maintain a total lean body mass; more muscle equals a higher resting metabolic rate.

If you get out of breath when you exercise, you’re probably going too fast.

Training too hard, may lower your fitness, resting your body, allows it to recover and rebuild itself properly. Don’t over train, you’ll just burn-up or melt.

After eating the last slice of cake, all overweight people will decide to go on the tomorrow diet, why don’t they decide to exercise it off, as the tomorrow diet never comes?

The slimming industry is the most unsuccessful industry in the world today for people wanting to lose FAT, although it is financially sound!

If you are always surrounded by food, and can’t stop picking, chew gum. Every time you put the food in your mouth you will ruin the gum.

Researchers have suggested that people who are deficient in various vitamins and minerals may overeat in an attempt to obtain the missing nutrients. Obesity is the unfortunate outcome.

Performing cardiovascular type activities (i.e. running, cycling, swimming, etc.) five times a week decreases your risk of type II diabetes by 45%.

Exercising two to four times a week reduces your risk by 40%; once a week, 25%. Exercise decreases your risk by reducing fat tissue in the body and making cells more responsive to insulin.

If you smoke, why don’t you give up? I’m not going to lecture you on all the bad points that smoking has, as I’m sure you know it’s a great provider of deaths in the family.

Most zip inflicted injuries occur on the down stroke. If this happens to you, try pulling the zip in the direction it came from, in one swift motion. Check the damage, and apply antiseptic cream and a bandage to stop the bleeding. Change all your clothes to button flies to avoid the above.

Don’t squeeze those spots. Squeezing spots might be fun, however you can push the acne plug deeper into the skin, and cause the follicle wall to rupture, leaving a small shot gun wound on you. Try tea tree oil or aloe vera to prevent this look.

Stress lowers the immune system and exercise helps to counter stress. Over exercising puts pressure on the immune system, make sure you take those vitamins and minerals, and remember get fit to play sport, not play sport to get fit.

Avoid stopping every 2 minutes to tie your laces, when going for that run, at the start of your fitness regime, make sure you put a double knot in the laces.

When cycling to work, the gym, or anywhere else, keep the bike under lock and key, remember somebody may want yours, and force you to have a long walk home.

If you get a painful blister, studies have shown that piercing it within the first three hours can be effective. Aim to lance the blister in two places at opposite sides, taking care, as the fluid can spray out up to eleven feet. Check and clean regularly, don’t use dirty needles, as this can lead to amputation.

Stress causes hormonal imbalances that may lower your sperm count, lower sperm count may stress you out, just think about who has to count the slippery bleeders.

Garlic rich diets, may be bad for your breath, but garlic causes your body to release nitric oxide, which keeps your arteries more pliable, resulting in a increase in circulation.

Diesel fumes have been found to contain 41 dangerous substances, they can give you more miles to the gallon, as well as cancer.

Chewing sugar free gum increases saliva flow which helps to neutralize plaque acidity. One unpleasant side effect is major wind, from sorbitol (sweetener) that is used in many brands. Aim for no more than a pack a day, unless you want to increase your daily farting average.

Avoid eye strain by looking away from the screen and focus on something in the distance, then focus on something close to you, do this now and whilst at work. Good excuse if you get caught looking at somebody, just tell him or her you’re preventing eyestrain.

Relax with a glass or two of wine. The antioxidants it contains can give protection against heart disease.

Heart disease, cancer’s etc. can run in the family. Check your family history and aim to get yourself checked out for any hereditary problems.

Buy, rent, borrow a dog. One of the best aerobic exercises for any fitness level is plain old walking. Remember to take the dog with you.

There are currently around 100,000 cases of food poisoning resulting in up to 200 deaths a year in the U. K. Make sure you wash and prepare food properly, check the sell buy dates, and if you get ill, drink plenty of fluid and stay in the bedroom closest to the bathroom.

Men’s testosterone levels fall by about 25% in the late evening. Aim to put the morning erection to good use, as this is apparently when you are most horny.

Mobile phones increase your blood pressure if used for prolonged periods. Thought to be caused by blood vessels being constricted by radio frequency electromagnetic fields. My monthly phone bill raises my blood pressure.

Zinc gluconate lozenge’s sucked every two hours have been found to help cold sufferers reduce the time of their symptoms. Unfortunately zinc causes more nausea and doesn’t taste too good.

Dyslexics could improve their reading by wearing different colored lenses. Contact lenses help by noticeably reducing visual distortion.

Doing the ironing, washing, and cleaning has been found to improve your age Maybe this is why women live longer than men do.

Put more tomato sauce on your chips and other foods, it may not be good for your diet, but 3 to 4 serving a week can cut your risk of prostate cancer by a third.

Forget an apple a day keeps the doctor away; try a raw carrot and a banana. The beta-carotene and potassium can reduce your risk of heart disease by preventing plaque build up on the artery walls.

Do those sit ups, it is estimated that strengthening the abdominals can prevent 75% of lower back problems.

When training out in the dark, shutting one eye when a car’s head lights are on you, will help prevent sudden night blindness. Remember to open the eye after the car has passed.

Pressing a wet tea bag against a cold sore acts as an antiseptic. The tannin from the tea will help reduce the condition, and the tea bag will stop other people coming in contact with you.

Improve your posture, by answering the phone whilst standing. If standing against a wall, push your shoulders and buttocks into the wall, then aim to eliminate any gaps, by pushing the lower back into the wall. Hold for 20 seconds, and then carry on a normal conversation. Avoid breathing heavily during the exercise.

If embarking on jogging or running for the first time since your school days, invest in a good pair of trainers to avoid physiotherapy bills. Shorter strides may help lesson the impact, if you have to use your old gym gear.

Wear socks when out running this will help prevent blisters, and also soak up sweat, which can help prevent your trainers stinking out the house.

Most trainers can be washed, however don’t use too high a temperature during the wash, and allow to dry naturally with old newspaper inside. Tumble drying may lead to severe shrinking, damage to the trainers and a change in your shoe size.

Eating fat is not a problem; the problem lies in the type of fat you’re eating. Aim to eat the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) such as those found in oily fish, and avoid the so called healthier margarine’s made from hydrogenated vegetable fats.

Some 25 % of adults have bad breath, normally brought on by smoking or bad foods. Avoid this by brushing your teeth twice a day, using a tongue scraper, as a significant amount of bacteria live on the tongue. Flossing between your teeth to remove food debris, and seeing a hygienist every three months is also advised.

Consult your doctor, a fitness instructor, or visit the church if you have any concerns about your health before embarking on any exercise routine.

After each work out, remember to stretch to help your body repair and recover. When doing this, keep yourself warm, and wipe away any sweat. Avoid standing around smelling of sweat, as the drying process can leave you with a cold.

Each year back pain, the second biggest reason for time of work, costs the British Industry more than 5 billion pounds, and 480 million pounds to the NHS. By doing some simple stretching and taking care of yourself with exercise, will result in less spending by the NHS, and hopefully lower taxes all round. (Possibly).

The common cold is the biggest reason for taking time off work. Dress well, exercise regularly, and above all take in those vitamins, especially vitamin C. The RDA in the U. K. is 60m.g. This will prevent you from catching scurvy but won’t help you against a cold. Increase your dosage to bowel tolerance, normally between 1 and 3 grams.

A sneeze can travel at over 100 mph Look for the signs, such as opening of the mouth tilting the head back, shutting eyes and finally a fine mist nasal spray. Look for the signs to avoid the spray.

When showering, treat yourself to a head massage, to help relax you. It’s also said to be good for stimulating hair growth. At the same time, improve your body circulation by washing the body in the direction of blood flow, i.e. towards the heart.

Avoid negative thoughts, and don’t put yourself down. Work on making your mind and body strong, remember its you inside that says you can’t do something, challenge those negative thoughts and make them positive.

In the last 20 years cases of testicular cancer has doubled. In the U. K. some 1,500 men between the ages of 20 and 35 get this form of cancer each year. So check your balls and if you find any lumps go show them to your doctor.

Breasts cancer studies have shown that fish oil and olive oil may keep breasts healthier. Linoleic acid found in sunflower or corn oil may increase the risk of tumors. What is certain is that obesity and a high alcohol level in older women are linked to a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Remember to take a towel with you when you go to the gym. Sharing someone’s towel also means you are sharing any health problems they may have, such as pubic lice or penile warts.

When flying, drink plenty of water and fruit juice. The high altitude and dry pressurized air, sucks the moisture from your body, causing your mucous membranes to dry out, making you more prone to viruses.

Remember to stand prior to flushing the toilet. Contaminated water droplets can give you intestinal bugs and other health problems, stand up observe your efforts, then flush them away.

Don’t think you can smoke and exercise. Exercise increases your lung capacity, giving carcinogenic contaminates more lung space to give you lung cancer. Each day around 300 men die from smoking in the U. K.

Missed your workout, then think again. Research has shown that mental exercise can increase your physical strength.

Put your head back and daydream, scientists have shown it is a positive source of creativity – unlocking answers to your problems leading to better emotional and physical health. Daydreams can work in another practical way, as a form of motivation, encouraging us to try new experiences.

Exercise performance is improved by increasing your body’s water content – so for once drink more. Put poor performance down to being dehydrated, just a 3% loss in body fluid, can result in a 7% loss in physical performance.

Being alone is good for your health. So instead of seeing time spent alone as a punishment see it as a time to refuel yourself, a time to recover from the overload of life.

Do something useful and make your orgasms more powerful. Imagine you’re peeing and then contract and relax the muscles that stop the flow – more fun for boys and girls!

Outperform your work mates with a lunchtime workout -it’ll ease stress and improve your performance.

Organize yourself, set some time aside for yourself to complete all the paper work, at both home and work, remember take care of your admin – a little a day keeps the stress at bay.

Keep your chin up with a bit of facial fitness, working those facial muscles may look stupid but it’ll get rid of the double chin and bags.

Eat right with mood enhancing foods such as milk, yogurt, tuna and chicken, which contain high levels of brain food tryptophan.

Work those lips and wave goodbye to sexual boredom, according to ancient Chinese sexual techniques, the deep kiss has erotic possibilities.

Restrict your car usage anything 10 minutes or less walk – think of the savings in parking tickets.

Give yourself an incentive; buy some new gear so even if you are unfit you’ll begin to look better.

Buy some skin care products and boost your skin’s moisture levels and the good news is intensive care comes for under a tenner – try that good old favorite Oil of Ulay.

58 % of British men take no form of exercise. We can all do with exercise, join the Netfit Members, to improve your life. Let us help you to achieve your personal goals, to stay motivated and learn new exercises and correct technique.



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